Poem Hunter
Our Earthly Condition
( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

Our Earthly Condition

It’s very odd to think we all
Live out our lives on a spinning ball
Along with creatures strange and various—
The situation sounds precarious!
We share our lot with lice and rats,
With things that fly, like birds and bats
And savage sharks that live in water
Maintaining life by daily slaughter.
We’re all up there in empty space
Flying along at a breathless pace,
And where we’re going no-one knows,
It’s best not to worry I suppose.

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Comments (3)

Witty. Your words enact the spinning motion of earth. I felt the motion.
It's amazing to think what different strange creatures live on this planet. Your poem expresses your surprise at this world with its mysteries and your acceptance of it. A very nice poem. Julia
Excellent work! ! Is that all there is, we may ask ourselves...but that the only life we have got although its not a lot You remind me of a Swedish poet called Nils Ferlin As you might know I am a Swedish woman living in Stockholm...Well you have got an admirer with this poem Excellent! ! !