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Our Elected President

What can I do or what can I say
After I heard and then read the news,
For my country I cried and then I did pray
Because of the President that my fellow Americans did choose.
From the beginning of its creation
We have or had a great and diverse nation,
But, now the home of the proud and the brave and the free
Has now become the home of racism and bigotry.

I now see and think of riots and depression
It's on every block and around every street corner
I now expect hate and evil and its aggression
I pity the poor, and the middle class, and the foreigner.
Many people that I see they are now smiling
So, I wonder if now bombs and weapons are they stockpiling,
There is also chanting for deportation and for hate
Is hell and damnation my countries ultimate fate.

What will be next, will it be another war
Or maybe just shootings and fist fights in the street,
Who will be the culprit the rich, the middle-class, or the poor
I wishe that we could all just turn around and retreat.
Their wealthy facist candidate was just elected President
I can see and hear of our great countries sad decent,
So, many people want him and his term to fail
But, as for me, I want my country to survive and to prevail.

Randy L. McClave

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