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Our Eyes Where Watching Them
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Our Eyes Where Watching Them

Poem By Czarina Matviyko

Crouching silently
in the depth of the night, I
hear the explosion.

It is distant, but
loud as I stay in my trench
surrounded by men.

They look at me with
fearful eyes, but I tell them
to simply stay put.

The sounds of gunfire
are coming near; I hear their
orders nearer now.

It’s on the next hill –
a not too far and distant
battlefield. I can’t!

The perimeter
to which I am assigned is
just as important.

With ammunition
and weapons, and even some

I could not take all
my men reinforce my
Allies and colleagues.

Did I want to? No.
Did I have to? Without a
shadow of a doubt.

What was there left to
do? Despite the fear of death,
I took half my men.

More than half, really.
Just enough where left behind
to guard the prison.

I was the only
one who’d fought before, so I
knew what they didn’t.

So eager to help
out, they did not know the pain
of death as I did.

But either way, I
went and saw the Russians beat
those damn Nazis back.

Side by side we fought,
and it was not as Western
propaganda says.

They where brave, not smug,
proud (not too much) , and ‘till the
bloody end they faught.

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