Flying High For You My Love

Flying high in the sky
I long for you as I dream
of all the times I pray will come.
I pray that you will always know
of my unconditional love that fills my soul,
flying high on the wings you give me
for you are my light and hope
and the dream of a joyful future
that I want as I serve my Queen
and knowing my best friend is right there with me.

Though I feel so very sad and lonely now
I am flying high on your exquisite
beauty that you are.
Having looked at your picture dear
and seeing you smile made my knees so weak,
my heart ache in longing need,
and yearning to just see you
and show my whole heart to only you.
Flying high with the last bit of life
these wings hold,
and they have life just because of you,
my Angel sweet, my Angel true.

So I dream of you the one I need,
the one I hold in my heart
and soul forevermore.
Through all my confused aching
that encompasses me now
I think of your loving smile
and holding you today all the while
as we dry each others tears
and say babe I've missed you
and so very deeply love you,
I will be yours forever and ever.
I fly so high to give you all
the sweet sweet kisses we both are needing.

So I spread my wings now to fly so high
and give you all the loving warmth
and strength for you I hold inside,
and ask God to bless you with joy now
and to know you are so cherished
and forever truly loved.
I am flying high my dear in spirit now
so you will know I'm there
watching over you giving all that
I have and all I can to make my Queen
feel so safe, cared for, and very warm in full.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

i LOVE it. hopefully one day, i'll realize that i'm wearing a crown too.
Wow, this is so beautiful! ! ! ! I hope this relationship brings you more and more blessings every day! ! !