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Our Fallen Hero~

Our Fallen Hero
Stands tall in our minds
As he lay lifeless
To save your child and mine

A good man he was
We'll hear everyone say
That doesn't even touch
The man he was that day

Many will say
I'd do the same
I'd lay down my life
If tragedy became

Yet, all we do know
Stood a great man
In our time of trouble
He took a stand

His rewards are great
So selfishly we can say
Our Fallen hero
Saved our children that day


In my son and daughters high school this past year a 14 yr. old boy shot 3 of our principals killing 1. He was a great man and still is in all our minds. My son just graduated this May 2006~ and they both were there to speak at his graduation. They came back to work in about 6 weeks after being shot. They both were critically injured and doctors didn't know if they would live. Our head principal was shot 3 times and still took the gunman down and subdued him and then got on the intercom and put the school in lock down. That's what kind of men they all 3 are. I'm proud that my kids have roll models like them in their lives.

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Thanks for this loving poem of tribute to these great men, see! we can all be great, no matter who we are. A real ray of hope filled sunshine. Tai
Lagaya, a beautiful tribute poem... wonderfully written! ! Brian