A Heart Ajar

A heart ajar

A heart ajar
a dream half seen
in a chest
whose lid was
quickly fastened.

A heart ajar
a smile half
upon a flake
of snow
which in
no time melts.

A heart ajar
a long beautiful sentence
whose verb
never dared
to come out
in the light.

A heart ajar
a poem half read
before you reach
its climax
and touch
its heaven.

A heart ajar
a love
drawing near
like a ray of sun
you try to catch
but will
always flee.

and it may

by Vassilis Comporozos

Comments (6)

A comprehensive and humorous take on the subject, Ernestine! Very enjoyable and oh so true, the comaraderie that is engendered anywhere in England when the weather takes a turn! Thank you for the reminder, and much love to you for the smiles you give us! Esther : ]
This is a poetic Ph.D. on English addiction to weather. Colourful vocabulary with an enticing sense of humour. No wonder we are Ernestine-bound. Very beautiful. Susie xxx.
Dear Ernestine this is so true When will we see the beauty in every season We moan, when it is sizzling, We moan, when it's cold and raw, We moan, when it is drizzling, And when it's snowing, even more. Something to be gained from each Thankyou Ernestine this was yet another one of your greats Love duncan XXX
In Scotland it is pointless to discuss the weather as it changes before you can finish what you want to say. Great poem Ernestine Sid John xx
Ahh, the favorite *opening* subject... Perfectly rhymed and metered as always. Beautiful one, Ernestine. -chuck
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