Our Flag

Poem By George McKinney

From my position on a pole above that star shaped fort
I saw the British sail into that Baltimore port.
And when the fighting started I flew with pride,
And even took a shell deep into my side.

By the dawn's early light and the rockets red glare,
All could see, that I was still there.

And when the battle started in our nation so torn,
And another flag for our country was born,
I was carried aloft and held real high,
Only to watch the kin folk die.

It didn't bother the Blue and the Grey
Both flags were the same color anyway.

The war in the Pacific was another place,
For men to die just to save face.
A band of Marines knew just what to do,
And on Mount Surabachi, I flew there too.

As stars were added to my field of blue,
And another chore I was given to do,
For when heroes died like all the rest,
I covered them for the gave their best.

They gave their all in their love for me,
From the air, the land and the deep blue sea.

And when the towers fell that September morn,
They found me alone all tattered and torn.
They flew my brother from a makeshift pole,
Those three firemen with heart, and sole.

I was carried to the Games with pride in the heart,
Though I was torn I was not torn apart.
I may have stumbled and I may have fell,
But Osama you can go right straight to hell.

I still fly proud and true,
And I still stand, Red, White and Blue.

Now the laws have changed, and it's a shame,
For now they allow people to play a game.
To use me in display of their own free will,
To wear me, burn me, and abuse me still.

To let me fly without a light, till I am torn and tattered,
It just isn't right.

Now when I am old and tattered, And no longer can fly.
To look at me brings a tear to your eye.
Then show me the love that I showed you,
And take proper care of the Red White and Blue.

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