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Our Forefathers

When our forefathers came to this great country
They never asked for permission or even applied for entry,
They just showed up and arrived and called America their new home
Then they took the land they wanted, they said it was free, I said stolen.
When they met the Native Americans they came to them as terrorists
With diseases and guns and lies and also closed minds and closed fists,
Now this land is no longer theirs, now it is ours to buy and sale
To the red man we said goodbye, and to the white man they must say hail.

My forefathers came to this land with their pasty white skin
Peacefully the native Americans allowed them and other immigrants in,
Our ancestors came from Europe and other countries and there about
Now we Americans have built up fences to keep other immigrants out!
To this belief and way of life I stand up against it, I am a dissenter
Do we have the right to tell any person into this country who can or cannot enter,
If Native Americans came to our doors and told us all that we had to leave?
Would we stand there in shock and ridicule not wanting to believe.

When our forefathers first arrived unto this country upon their wooden ship
They quickly called the Native Americans "Indians" and then told them who to worship,
This country that we call America, some want to keep all immigrants away
I wonder if the indians still cry in regret, remembering the immigrant's first arrival day.

America, the beautiful where land is polluted and so is America's soul
To the starving immigrants, many wish to give them an exit ticket and an empty bowl,
Was America just calling for the freedom of our forefathers? Many have supposed!
The Native Americans now wish! They had kept the gates to America closed.

Randy L. McClave

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