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Our Friendship Is Special
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Our Friendship Is Special

Poem By Paige Unknown

NOTE: I would like to say that I wrote this poem with several of my friends in mind. If you look at the first letter in each line vertically it spells Our Friendship is Special. I'm sort of talking to my friend in the poem but I figured that I would share this anyway. Thanks for your time.

Our friendship may seem
unusual, but I
really consider it the best.

Friendships like ours will always be something special, so I
really hope that ours will last.
I believe that we all have individual, but
equally important characteristics. Make sure that you are
never ashamed of any one of you character traits, because most of these
differences actually help friendships mature. They help us
show each other who we really are, and
how we really feel. Do not be afraid to express your
inner feelings around those who you consider to be your true friends.
Personally I view you as a friend I can trust, and

I hope that you honestly
see me in the same way.

Some people may appear to be your friends, but really those
people don’t care if they break a promise, or tell one of your innermost secrets.
Even though they may apologize, you know that they do not mean it. So be
careful please, watch your friends. Decide who the real ones are. Sadly some are
imposters. I wish it weren’t true. I hope this means something to you, because
a friendship like ours is not that easy to come by. I hope I’ve made my
lesson clear... you’re a very special friend, and I’ll always hold that fact dear.

Month Unknown,2006

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