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Our Government

If our government cared and worried about the poor
I would happily say no one would be poor any more,
Every man, woman and child's belly would always be full
Not one person would be hungry and begging for a handful.
But, then if some weren't starving and they were not rich
Who would they curse, and who would scratch their itch.

If my government cared and worked for the taxpayers and me
Why must I still pay for everything, and nothing is free,
Why do politicians have a better life and pay than myself and others
And why do they always hire their nephews and uncles and brothers?
Since they work for me shouldn't their salary be less than mine
I wonder if on their property, if they have a 'KEEP OUT! ' sign.

If our government really cared and so did all of our politicians
Shouldn't the caring and helping of all citizens be their missions,
Instead of political parties fighting like children on the playground
Shouldn't they all work together for a solution to be found.
I heard that before we had a government, we were all ruled by one king
Now as I look at our politicians, I wonder if a monarchy is not a bad thing.

If my government really cared about the middle class and the poor
How come we are taxed and taxed and then sent off to war,
Why do we fight for the beliefs of the rich and money for the elite
All we want is a fairness, and not people starving or living on the street.
Laws were created by man so all people are equal and treated the same
I see our government and politicians, I hear the lies and I see the shame.

I say this as a voter and also as an observant
Since I am a taxpayer, isn't my government also my servant,
Don't they supposedly work and serve us the citizens as our paid employee
If so why am I taxed and harassed, by a Government that works for me.
Since my government has lied and stole since the day they all were hired
Shouldn't we line up all our politicians, and tell them that they all are fired.

Randy L. McClave

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