Our Greatest Weapon

The evil dictator prepared for the day
Against all weapons that might come his way
By pulling on his bullet proof vest
With extra armour across his chest
Including the mesh stab proof lining
With his titanium helmet shining
Climbed in his flameproof air tight jacket
With lead set panels inserted to back it
Covered with a lead lined coat
And padding with steel wrapped round his throat
Adrenaline pills to keep poison at bay
A mask so gas won’t get in his way
He stepped out to the crowd and soon he felt halfed
He had no defence against the people who laughed

by Flying Lemming

Comments (12)

Good one, fully enjoyed it
Verily, a lovely poem and amusing one Loved reading it........10
I like this from start to finish. It is both humorous and clever. I looked for a climax of drama and excitement; I received perhaps as much surprise as the evil dictator.
It's good when a list ends in a laugh
very nice poem...loved the last line the best, 'He had no defence against the people who laughed.
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