LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

Our Heaven

Sitting in the spot we loved so much
My body craving for your sweet touch
My heart swelling with the thought of you
Memories linger from the dreams we made true
The pond so peaceful yet so awake
Our nights here were never a mistake
The wind blows and I hear the rustle of the trees
The flowers give way to the hungry bees
The mountains so beautiful and so strong
I don’t want to remember that you’re gone
The clouds role gently over the grassy field
I close my eyes and let my world yield
It slows down and I sit here reminiscing
This place so beautiful and perfect but you’re the thing I’m missing
I come up here on the days I feel lonely and blue
In these moments I feel so close to you
Even thought you are so far away
You are my everything and with you my heart will stay
In the distance I hear the low purr of a car
I look up to catch the glimpse of a shooting star
I wish that that car is you coming to free me
I squint my eyes so I can better see
The car passes and its not you- it never is and never will be
Because you’ve found home in someone who is not me

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