The Kind Of Falling

There is this kind of falling
that is free, and it does
not think of any floor
or end, the trip continues
down and down
and darker and darker

you close your hands
and put them on
the side of your
hips, and you keep
on waiting about the

deadly impact, you want
it done
and done so quickly

for years this free falling
has been with you
and you are into this
feeling always

where to
and when and what
and why

it's been like this from
the beginning
no floors no ceiling
no walls now
and all the doors
are closed

except the windows of course
that you keep on seeing
there is the wind
that keeps on going and going
passing through and through
inside your heart

the freedom of falling
it is here always inside your heart
you are numb
and there is nothing difficult to understand

letting go and just this feeling of falling
the consolation is that

you are always on top of things
explains, thus, this falling

for why should i fall? i ask sometimes.
thanks God, i must be up here, and there is no end to this tunnel

let me see, let me see the light, with you.


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