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Poem By Pablo Neruda

I could double over suffering,
From severe bladder spasms.
Or experience pain so acute,
To drive me to puke with a sitting done...
On street curbs in view of everyone.

And not one person in my neighbor,
Would could to inquire about my feelings.
Or express a sincerity of caring first.
I may be approached by someone who heard,
How I went out of my way,
To get an attention I did not deserve.

And these are the same people,
Who will declare that a coming together...
Will solve our immediate problems shared.

These are the very same people,
Who will stop to stare will announcements...
Blaring in the air,
That a unity is what the children need to see...
To establish more respect for others.
A respect they can witness to see.

These are the very same people,
Seeking to criticize anyone attempting to 'try'...
To get anything done.
These are people we all know...
Who say the have no time to sacrifice,
With a giving and doing of their involvement that shows.

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Lawrence, Doing it on the street curbs of your country is something unusual to people, who are not accustomed with such behavior, but people still do it where ever they like in many parts of poor world, the developing world. Anyway, good thought.