A little kid playing by the pond
Skipping, slipping, kicking a can
When the sun is hot, went beneath the tree
Pretending to recite a novel from memory

Disturbed by mosquitoes, wish a share of his blood
Gently shooing, smacking, forming a glob
Faint call from a distance far away beyond
Mom needs help to fill up the water drum

Spidery legs dash through the grassland
Scaring nesting quails and frogs on the ground
Empty kerosene can, as tall as he is
He fetched water from the well at ease

Quacking ducks must be feed with grain
Muddy, rowdy pigs are equally pain
Honking geese wants to pinch his legs
Begging for those precious tasty seeds

Stealthy chickens weren't forgotten
Flew to the seed basket and started eating
When all her chores were finally done
Back beneath the tree, by the pond

by Manonton Dalan

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...........a deep and thoughtful write with incredible imagery ★
This is a great poem