AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Our Lady Of The Angels/La Virgen De Los Angeles (To Carina Who Was Abducted In 80s)

While Sally was driving home, the sky clouded over
She saw flocks of large black birds hovering around her car
They blocked up the road, so that she had to pull over
Getting out of the car, she caught a sight of a falling star
When the birds beckoned her to follow them to the valley
She realized she was chosen for a mission of important task
At the end of a steep descent she heard, ''You made it, Sally! ''
And saw a beautiful angel who smiled at her and gave her a flask
''You have to taste the divine nectar, it's our wedding day
The lady of the angels you shall be named in the kingdom of Light''
After she drank from the flask, the birds faded hastily away
The angel gave her a tender kiss, saying, ''We're flying off tonight''
Sally was reported missing, and after five years of a fruitless search
The tornado struck her hometown, but there was no death toll
One little girl said she had a close call, and someone stopped the speeding car
She heard, ''I am your guardian angel, my heart belongs here, even if I'm far''

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