Our Land Of Make Believe

Relaxing back, we dream of things
imagining they could happen some way,
a meeting taking place
in a romantic rendezvous,
falling in love with the most wonderful person of all.
Going where our imagination takes us
in our world of make believe.

Journeying away from reality,
lying on a sandy beach
where the palm trees sway,
watching the blue sparkling waters
roll lazily to the shore.
Feeling the finer things in life given to us in one go.
Some call it a pipe dream
but in reality it is our imagination set free and let go
in our world of make believe.

In reality, our lives are tied
by invisible strings that bind us.
In our imagination we are set free
from any restraints to come and go as we please,
to make ourselves that perfect world,
our heaven on earth
in our land of make believe.

28 March 2009

by David Harris

Comments (6)

David, I don't think any poets would disagree with this one. We are the lucky ones who can see beyond the dust of everyday life. Very beautifully expressed.
This describes perfectly the world of the person who's biography I am writing...Marvellous writing sir.You get better and better. Sid.
In the land of make believe where people's hope lies, where the dreamer continues to struggle to live and survive all the adversaries of life..........10
our heaven on earth in our land of make believe. ........................................... It is a remarkable phrase... Best wishes.
Tomorrow is always another day where dreams may come true. Make Believe? I hope not. t x
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