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Our Land Of Religion

This country wasn't created just for Peter or Paul
This country was created for us one and all,
No matter of our race or our creed or our sexual gender
This country is for everyone, that! We all must remember;
We all together are the people of this mighty land
No matter of our beliefs, or for what convictions that we stand.

This country of ours is not a restricted country club
Where other lives or lifestyles we have a right to ridicule or snub,
No matter of anyone's religion or even their sexual lifestyle
This country stands for their happiness, to them we must not be hostile;
Everyone has the right for their very own happiness and joy
And towards them, no one has the right to hinder it or destroy.

This country was created for more than one religion
So, if we want we can worship the eagle, the dove or even a pigeon,
No person has the right to tell us to whom that we must pray
And no one has the right to judge anyone because they are gay;
Here we stand together as Americans and as a people
Whether we are in synagogues, or mosques or underneath a steeple.

This land was not created just for Peter and Paul,
This land was created for everyone, as I think back and recall.

Randy L. McClave

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