KB (1/2/93 / pittsburgh)

Our Life

I sit and as I think,
I hope things will go back to being the same,
But will they or will they still be strange,
You are like a stranger i never knew,
But i have known you all my life,
Why does it feel this way,
Is it me or you,
Or are the feelings gone,
The ones we use to share,
i know you feel the same,
But do I,
As i begin to feel things as the same,
I have someone who makes me wonder,
she didn't hurt me,
But am i hurting her,
Is it my fault,
Or so i have what is mine,
I just don't know,
So i just,
Sit here,
and wonder,

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Rudyard Kipling


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'So i just, Sit here, and wonder, About, OUR LIFE' Nice poem about our life,10++