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Our Lives To Live Objectified
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Our Lives To Live Objectified

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Our lives to live,
Consciously to admit...
And submit with commitment,
To this witnessed blessing.
Has come to us to have it done,
Experiencing our differences.
Our missions to pursue...
Seem to find us facing similar obstacles,
To undo.

Our lives to live objectified,
Has become limited yet unrecognized.
By many who sleep satisfied.
With their choices made to gratify.

No one can exchange to explain,
Feelings or those consequences...
To have them felt to comprehend.
And made known to understand completely.
Or how two can knock on one door,
To receive totally different greetings.
With separate response to meet.
One may be treated with respect.
While the other may be refused entry.
Just based upon appearances met to reject.

Our lives to live objectified,
Is meant to intend...
Quick to identify what is to be denied.

And who is to guess,
Which approach to life is best.
With it decided who is better qualified,
To know what's wrong from the right.

Statistics gathered in 'random' surveys.
Done to collect from those selected,
In surburbia.
Always reflect what this kind of mindset,
Determines what is or not acceptable.
And 'politically' correct with proper etiquette.

But no one...
Even choosing to use perceptions,
Can tell who walks a path done to do...
After passing inspections to be objectified.
Or answer questions that have been approved.

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