BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Our Lord God Is More'

He means so much to me my Lord
He who breathed life into our beings
He who created us from dust
He is the only one in this life we can trust

He means more to me than life itself
For to know him is so sweet
He means so much to me I would
Fall down to worship him at his feet

To tell of my love for him I could never do
But he is more to me than anything in this life
Friend I would love to hear
How very much he means to you too

Our Lord is worthy of more praise than we can give
He is powerful and true to all of his words
He is merciful and forgiving
He wants to impact your life in
A huge way and help you to change
The way you are living

You can’ t out give him
But you can praise him daily
With him your adoration for him you can share
And pray and read your Bible to find the
Wisdom he has hidden in there

Cast all of your cares upon him
For he will not let you fall
If upon him you will trust
And upon his dear name often call
©Copyright 2005 Becky LaPrarie

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