Our Loss...My Defeat

Pay no attention
to this rain of tension
I can reflect ignorance
its you who has to do
mass calculation
Short communication
mirrors a gap
of deflected emotions
HA! ...this is poison
this road to erosion

Have not said a word
all but a game of silence
If we could be patient
rounds of hesitations
could bridge generation
At every count of second
So many hearts are broken
When any one of us
could hold on patience
this gap of intolerance
Must have broken

Ha! ....this 'COULD have COURSE'
just did not happen
We parted as mute partners
Our smiles lost their way
in the desert of ignorance

We could had stopped
Many miscommunication
Many follies aggravation
Many distorted relations
BUT we cultivated no patience
have not said a word
Lost our prized worlds
in the game of silence

by Soumita Sarkar Ray

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