Our Love

I see you again finally I’ve longed for this day,
I’ve never loved anyone or anything this way,
I know you hurt me but that’s the past,
But now you’re here and those meories fade fast,
I want to start new but I know there’s no chance,
If only I had the courage to ask for one last dance,
To be able to feel again what I felt so long ago,
To have you hold me in your arms and never let me go,
To kiss your lips softly and carress you all night long,
It all was so perfect till you made it all so wrong,
You made me miserable and I cried every night,
I started to live in the dark and hide from the light,
But now as I try to get over you and all the pain,
I feel the love again pouring down on me as if it were rain,
And I know I’ll never forget the love you and I once shared,
And to think we’d still share it today if only you had cared.

by Kelsey Pearson

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