Our Love

Tell me how you feel,
Before you change your mind,
The love we thought we'd lost,
We will go ahead and find,
Whatever I've done wrong,
I will pay the price,
I'll take you to a restaurant,
Or buy you something nice,
Forget about the past,
Because I'm in love with you,
I'm telling you this because I mean it,
And I hope you feel the same too,
When I'm not with you it's like there is no point in me living,
Whatever I've said or done,
I hope I'm forgiven,
I would never go behind your back,
If I ever do you can make me get my bags and pack,
If I see a photo of you I would stop and stare,
But then it just reminds me that you are not there,
If I had to choose between a million pounds and you,
I would choose you,
Because being with you is like having a million pounds,
Because I love you so much,
I can't love you as much as I do now,
So I'm hoping you will come back through that door,
It's been open from the first time we met,
But you still haven't came back yet,
My love for you is longer than a piece of string,
And that is nowhere near the amount of love I could bring.

by Anna Heminsley

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