Our Love Is A Jig-Saw Puzzle

Our love is a jig-saw puzzle
Complicated in many ways
Built with patience, and devotion
Passion bursting awake with blaze

Attaching each piece in its place
Endurance – persistence prevails
As each piece of the puzzle waits
Vibrant colors shine with details

Each piece is quite a mystery
Brainteaser to utter the least
With each problem that arises
Masses crashes it like a beast

Crack of dawn brings daylight’s shadows
Followed by dreams and smiles to grow
Thoughts, imaginings, ideas
Concealing the pain in the snow

Running with the jig-saw puzzle
Loving every single moment
Each timepiece obtains its lessons
With Dilemma being absent

Catch-22 – tight spot; not a problem
Just be gentle and try again
As each piece of love fits snuggly
Solid foundation to sustain

When the last piece of the puzzle
Arrives with Patience to place it
Cracking a full-size happy smile
Knowing puzzled love is legit

by Ana Monnar

Comments (1)

This is a really intelligently put together poem and I loved it's imagery. Well done on seeing the puzzle for what it is and it falling into perfect place for you. that is what love does, and it takes it's time no matter what we think we need! Smiling at you, Tai