EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Our Love Will Bring Us Home

Go on, take me; I don't care anymore
I'm not afraid of you at all
I'll fight, I'll go; take me in their stead
Their lives too valuable to waste

The heroes die, their bodies run cold;
How long will I last in this battle?
TIred and weak, but I must fight on-
I don't want sight of fallen friends

I know I must survive
I can't just walk away
My friends are still alive
I cannot let them down here
This great war is trying me
But I am not alone
Our love has brought us here
Our love will bring us home again

The moon is dim, we cannot see
Soul cannot rest, dangers unceased
My friends are here, for them I am strong
Because our world is dying

Our love, our love, will bring us home
Our love will bring us home again.

by Ebone' Ingram

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