Our Love Will Carry On

Poem By Rachel Harris

Early in the morning
When dew's upon the grass
The first bird sings
Calling others to mass
Golden sun shines down
Everything is clear
As the world awakens
Dawn wipes away fear
In my heart is peace
Unbroken save by thoughts
Wishing you were here
To share my quiet spots
The day grows slowly on
And the sun rises high
A gentle breeze caresses
Yet from me emits a sigh
Looking over browned hills
I long for you by my side
My daydreams are filled with you
From them, I cannot hide
Your love is ever-present
Even when the sun goes down
Even whilst cool darkness surrounds
Even as sky hides her golden crown
As I lay my body to rest
You're never far from me
I feel your love miles away
In dreams, you I see
Together with me, forever
Our love is unbreakable
We cannot fall alone
Together, never incapable

Forever, our love will carry on

Comments about Our Love Will Carry On

I like this very much - a really good poem and very well written, you have a real talent, Steve
Salir>>>A splendored pieceof Verse, here...Stellar use of imagery....crisp, tight structure...fluxion rhythm & rhyme throughout....A Fine Penning''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
this is great. i envy you because i can't rhyme to save my life. but whatever, this is awesome. keep it up, buddy eni da kid
A beautiful poem full of passion......................
This is brimming with imagery and love. may your love never die...and yes, love never dies! Preets

5,0 out of 5
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