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***our Loves Birthmark***
DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

***our Loves Birthmark***

Poem By Daniel Richards

We made a mark on October 3rd, between you and me this was the birth but this to me was the start of our universe,
This day it all began, one day one place we came together me and you, a day with a birthmark that reminds me of our love you loving me and me loving you

January, February, march, April and may half way there to that special date
Got the calendar counting the days June, July, August then September and now October 3rd
This is the date it all began, one place that it came together more than a ring or a tattoo
A solid in the heart birthmark of the love I hold for you

reminds me eternally of you my love

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a nice and interesting poem.posted 10 surya
Very nice testimony of love