Our Mahatma

Poem By Alizee Toson

Born on the sacred land of Porbander,
He was an aesthete of truth and non-violence.

Married at thirteen,
Was his first symbol of being Indian.

Sophisticated the world beyond his land,
Made him realize the curse on black.

Worried completely, not with cruels
But his own fellow,
Needed a brisk solution, wider or narrow.

Dilemma arrived, how to help people?
By silence or violence?
For not to be the same,
He adopted, truth and non-violence.

Gifted by several pains and jails,
But “tower of strength” not moved by strong gales.

Soon he stated as “Bapu of Rajya “,
As being the only hope for Swarjya.

Uttered “do or die”, realized us our onus,
Boasted to have our rights and bonus.

Now not alone in the war of concord,
Had a huge mass following him with concern.

Garbed only khadi dhoti, Boycotted all foreign leisures,
Gaily accepted all wounds, pains and measures.

Leaded Dandi March to quit India,
He changed the whole scenario.

Represented his land in front of whole world,
Let him gained words of support in return.

“can’t cooperayte anymore”,
Warn the demons of his anger from the core.

“you are an outsider, not me.”
Indicate them to exodus our land quickly.

Taught “as to have joy after sorrow,
can’t rely on the morrow. “

oh crumbs! those words had the power that revolutionize the nation,
and spirit de corps of different rations.

proud to have such a legend,
alas! Was it an end.

so if one person can do magics,
why for most everything is so tragic.

admiring the persona, we have to admit “satymev jayte.”
And have to espouse harmony and honesty in true way.

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