Our Moon

When the moon rises up into our sky
spreading her soft light from way up high
making trees, homes, fields and waters glow
with magical pastels from blue to yellow.
This wonderful shine of our full moon shows
us, for a while, the silvery high and lows
of mountains and valleys of the earth
changing everything like into a new birth
lifting up our wounded souls as to forget
our worries or things we really do regret.
For that evening we feel truly bathed
into a forgiving light, that is not laced
with animosity or ways for the next play
planned maybe for the coming day.
Standing outside, looking at our moon
somehow, it gave me rest, in the middle of June.
I can sit there, watch it and look
It even inspires, me, wanting to write a book.
about this old World, its people, its past
Alas, for little old me, it's too complicated and too fast!

by Johanna A. Garretson

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