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Our Most Precious Gift

To waste a life through drugs and dope,
is life without God, without love, without purpose, or hope.
To end your life is a mortal sin,
it was a special gift for you from HIM.
Life is the most precious gift to all,
with it's promise we can all stand tall.
Worth more than jewels and gold
each day a gem, to watch each day unfold.
To spend it well is what we owe,
to always remember, we reap what we sow.
The scriptures say, so it must be true
life passes like a shadow
and is too soon out of view.
To live life to it's fullest,
and stand firm to each test, make every day count
be counted among the best.
You can do it with a life that is true.
You can do it if you live life all the way through.
You can do it because HE is counting on you.

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