Our Mother Earth

'I've no water or air,
I'm a ball of fire.
Don't come near.
You can't live here.
Here, it's no fun, '
So said, the hot Sun.

'I've no water or air.
You can't stay here.
But for the Sun's light,
I won't shine bright.
I'm but stone and mud.'
The moon cried and said.

'I've no water or air.
Will your life can bear,
With nothing for sustenance,
My hollow existence?
Stay, where you're, '
Said, the planet Jupiter.

'We've no water or air.
What's there to share?
Nothing but the death,
With no further birth, '
The Venus, The Mars and the Saturn,
Said, in their turn.

'Admission to only Angels,
And, not for body, but souls, '
Said, the sign board,
Kept aside the road.
The Heaven said, 'Sorry, '
When I went with my body.

'Why do you go elsewhere,
When I'm down here? '
Said, my mother earth.
'To you, I've given birth,
With your body and soul,
To enjoy and play your role.'

Yes, Mother, what isn't there,
For us, on this earth, to share?
Free food, water and air,
Everything looks so fair.
Thank God, for what we've,
And grieve not, for what we don't have.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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Amazing creativity in a novel idea! ! ! Only the Mother will always accept us. We must be thankful we have her. Such a well-written poem with new ways of dealing with old topic, should be read! ! Elysabeth