Our New Ace

A tiny hole is all it takes
and if not sealed it soon will leak,
the Lord rewards no silly fakes
you know, of course, of whom I speak.

If there was once a bit of gray,
the matter making up essentials,
it's given way to sheer dismay
the man pretends to have credentials.

They say that those who can will do
the others do attempt to preach
I have my doubts that any shoe
will fit a clown who wants to teach.

Collecting brownie points won't work,
some people just seem out of place.
A lady here called you a jerk
so let me add: a real ace.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (1)

Great poem Herbert, The shoe won't fit, but they will walk around as though it does. I am a strong believer that in time...they do indeed dig their own graves, and if they establish learning while sitting 6 feet under, then I am pleased...if not...I send a chuckle down, walk away, and hope learning occurs as they claw their way out.