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Our Next Date

I wasn't stood up again
She showed up for our date, amen,
At the restaurant together we sat and ate
And she was early, and not late.
We sat down together to eat
I was happy to learn on me she didn't cheat,
College homework and not a man on her was piled;
I just smiled.
I enjoyed sitting and watching her move
As she was in the groove,
And every word that left her beautiful lips
It caused my heart to eclipse.
With her at the table I could had sat forever
To leave her......... never!
I got lost many times into her eyes
Was she an angel I thought, in disguise.
At our table we talked about our future and past
As though both would always last,
We sat and we smiled as we enjoyed our meal;
I felt an emotional zeal.
As all good things our date came to an end
My broken heart she easily did mend,
So, now I just sit and I excitedly wait,
For our next date.

Randy L. McClave

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