Our Occupation

Poem By Prakashsingh Rajput

In the name of progressive development
We have erased so many mountains and forests
Several animals and birds
Can anyone count, our losses and achievements
We have no account of our health and wealth
We are victims of our sentiments
We have divided ourselves
Into region, religion and vision
We are just opportunists in each season
We have occupied everything
We have created our own living
With our extraordinary ability
We have killed humanity for entertainment
We have ruined, an innocent child
Our behavior like, an animal wild
Just for our benefits, we create laws
Our thirst needs blood, for our jaws
Our necessities and dreams have no limitation
Nowadays hunting only is our occupation.

Comments about Our Occupation

Thoughtful write. Very true said We have ruined mountains and forests just for selfish means. We have killed humanity for entertainment, for fulfilling our selfish and unending desires. Nowadays hunting only is our occupation. Beautiful concept on todays life which we are facing everyday. There is no end to all these inhumanity. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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