Our Only Home

Our life is but a fleeting moment,
A flip of a somber gnats eyelid,
Or the subtle wink of a katydid,
When measured by the earth extant,
Some four billion years, or more, ago.
From single cell to all the flora,
To all the lush and bountiful fauna,
That has roamed the lands and firmament.
With four billion years, or more, as yet to go,
Before our only home's predestined demise.
Of this we cannot really know, or be sure
For if we continue to live with careless abandon,
And never learn to become more wise,
Of how we desecrate at random,
From air and water contamination,
To noxious aerosols that affect our skies,
And all the poisonous wastes in the nation,
Our planets end will be premature,
Unless we act now to protect our environment.

by Floyd Hildebrand

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