Our Own Mistakes

In the corner of a windowpane,
I watched a fly, caught in a web,
Struggling to escape, but all in vain,
As slowly his life, away did ebb.

Although he’s not a bug I like,
His fight for life was sad to see,
But we too, can feel the spider strike,
Wishing we also could get free.

We want to flee the chains that hold,
That entangle us by our own mistakes.
For we never listen to what we’re told,
And all our senses the mind forsakes.

In the corner of a windowpane,
I watched the fly and it was me.
Trapped by my own obdurate brain,
Caused by my own stupidity.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (4)

Nature red in tooth and claw. A great comparison made between your life and the life of a fly. A most enjoyable work. Love, Andrew xx
Feelings of entrapment are not that un-common and you put such a personal slant on this issue through this write, I'm sure that many of us can relate to this one, Thankyou Ernestine Love duncan X
Excellent analogy in every line in this wonderful write. Shows a large and giving heart and a pure soul..[p.s. got a spider bite on my big right toe bone, it itches and I don't like spiders]~~~~~~marci.xo. :)
Ernestine, This is very much a truly human condition you have portrayed here. I love the metaphors that you have woven throughout the poem. Very well written indeed. Thank-you, Ashley xo