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Our Own Way
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Our Own Way

We held our hands
just you and me.
And gave our vows.
No kidding.

We do our dance,
just you and me.
Not East, nor West,
nor North or South -
we welcome no new bidding.

So, if the whole world cannot see,
that ancient values count,
and that we choose not to be free,
we'd rather just be bound.

Temptation does not have strong wings,
it's mostly dye and make-up,
yet it attempts to boycott things,
wreaks havoc, sin and shake-up.

And when temptation comes a-flutter,
so many see the glitter,
they turn their lives then into clutter,
the end will then be bitter.

So, have a look at who you are,
and, more importantly:
See who you're with, close by, not far
and use your eyes to see.

And if you lead your eyes astray,
'twill make your vision evil.
If that is you, then let me say:
You're nothing but a weevil.

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