Our Personal Poetry

I shall be Venus, your goddess of love;
The scent of my body,
The feel of my hair,
The touch of my fingertips,
Shall be your hypnotic aphrodisiac.

We shall sit by the sea in the night
Sharing innermost secrets,
Revealing private passions,
Fostering our fantasies,
And the world will disappear with the tide.

I shall look into your eyes, seeking in their depths
Each thought and concern,
Every longing and desire,
All compliments and complaints,
And into my eyes shall you also seek.

You shall feed me grapes and champagne,
Bathe me in scented oils,
Read to me of ancient loves,
Brush my hair as I sleep,
And we shall dance to the music in our hearts.

I shall be Diana, goddess of the wild hunt,
Joining the possessed nymphs,
Hearing Pan’s wild beat,
Preserving all animal instincts
In the form of our own personal poetry.

by Bonnie Moore

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