Our President Ronald Reagan

We have a President, may we thank God,
Who does not fear to pray.
He asks for help when he feels the need,
Cares not what the critics say.
His faith sustained him through so much,
For he knows he was not alone.
He felt God's protection when he was shot -
He scarcely uttered a groan.
His recovery truly surprised the world;
He healed so exceedingly fast,
Though we're sure he dreamed night after night
Of that terrible handgun blast.
He's a man to compare with Washington.
We've needed him for so long -
An example, a hero for our youth,
One who is true, is strong;
A man, who is not ashamed of the love
He feels for Nancy, his wife;
A pattern for other men to follow
For a happier family life.
Now, he is faced with another cross.
He has proved by his attitude.
His faith will carry him through this, too,
While his health is being renewed.

by Lois Kahl Davis

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