Our Promise

Witness within creation's missive script,
at each birth defined;
pathways spoke with bliss refined,
round all souls intertwined;
unseen through eyes yet memorized,
of one's time out of mind;
divine instructions soon revealed,
truth's thus sown, within the wind.

Singly touched, by providence's tout,
yet silenced voices stir;
searching thoughts from depth impart,
what force suggests demur;
connatural sign syneidesis rends,
our choice resounds recur;
commonalities cross, all truths we fear,
released, at hate's inter.

Our thoughts pass horizon's gaze,
now seen beyond life's verge;
mindless, yet fulfilled at birth,
each soul recognized as sun's surge;
constructs gleaned, will's harvest freed,
our anagenesis emerge;
discomfited one, self's disgrace folds,
against all truths, diverge.

Within your promise, sounds life's compeer,
awakened by the time;
memories boil away living's grime,
this cleansing, self's sublime;
lives on does sacred truth,
a knowledge of gift porime;
truth is evidence long remiss,
in this promise, shines life's stime.

Personification our promise,
that dialect specific to all truth;
heavenly Imamate visually shown,
through hearts, point to its azimuth;
message texted, reality vested,
plucked on strings of ancient cruth;
transpired justice, this light shown within,
awake, be not uncuth.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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