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Our Relationship
DH Daryl Hennix ( / )

Our Relationship

Can you not see that we are sinking
from the argument we had last night
one would conclude you knew what I was thinking
and our souls are so entwine
that I know you like a fine wine
so you tend to lie when your not blinking
and our conversations on the phone
are ill mannered and monotone
and our home is not a our home
because the two of us are alone

we pass with faded graces
fake smiles on our faces
at times I really hate this
but I guess I too contributed to the bases
I could have chose to confront this
I know neither of us want this
but to put the situation blunt it is this
hollow hugs and empty kisses
between Mr. and his Mrs.
yet friends they insist it's
these seven year itches
I'm so tempted to dissolve this
co-existed existence
but I'm also so seduced
by the scent of my mistress
so I'm torn between the north and south poles is what the twist is
and we fight over elementary issues like who's turn to do the dishes
if you look up ridicules
I swear that's what this is

We have built our house on quicksand
so were sinking much to fast and
the constant complain'n
so how prevents me from change'n
its much to easy to see how
it's emotionally drain'n
its like standing in the rain'n
not having umbrella
to shield you from the pain'n
yet your forced to remain
while happier souls frolic
on the opposite side of the window pane
despite my willingness to take blame
it still drives me insane

I'd sooner drown in these waters
then feel these disorders
and my heart is so out of order
that its been pushed to the border
I'd sacrifice myself
for love I'll be a mortar

personally burst my heart into a million pieces
I.. I.. Cant complete this

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Hands down one of the best poems I've came across! ABSOLUTELY Live for this😊