Our Role

Our role

Thursday, January 18,2018
6: 46 AM

God has sent us on earth
To perform and perish with death
But not before doing wonderful
And making the humanity as successful

We have powerful medium
And we want to make use of it at maximum
Our efforts shall be to wipe the tears of mankind
By our divine approach of simple kind

How come the poetry in our mind?
To work for and to find
The place in hearts of millions
With guaranted place of lovely heaven

We are simple clay men
But pure; y human
Bonded with attachment
And driven by sentiments

We know the plight
And about human rights
It is our endeavor to see happy mankind
Through our verses and certainly find solution

If hymns are considered to be holy
We own our responsibilities wholly
Not a single soul is to be hurted
But hugged and accomodated

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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welcome Mousumi Raha 1 Manage Like · Reply · 1m
welcome Wilsonjacon Ragamwilson 1 Manage Like · Reply · 1m
The first stanza itself is so good that one would be hooked to it from the very beginning. Beautifully written, Sir. :) Chirasree Bose, Hyderabad, Jan 22,2018
Penned with such care and empathy, Hasmukhji! That is why it is said, be kind to all you meet.. you may never know or imagine what all one has gone through, the pain, the hurt, the emotional baggage carried in his or her heart. Makes one ponder after reading your poem. TFS! Gomathi Mohan, Dehradun, Jan 22,2018
This is a good poem written with care. Supratik Sen, Kolkata, Jan 22,2018
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