Our Savior

Jesus Our Savior, God Supplies All Our Needs
Jesus died on the Cross, Took Our Place
Jesus Has Risen! With God's Grace!
He Guides, Gives Peace! Restores Whole!
Completely Our Spirit, Body and Soul! ! !
Accept Jesus! Ask Him in Your Heart!
Ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior!
Over Your Life! He will Never Part!
Become Born-again! Redeemed From sins!
Believe and Trust! In-to His Righteousness!
Just to know in life, God is Always with Us! !
Jesus will Anoint Us! With His Anointing! ! !
God Blesses Us! Beyond Measure,
Build Up in Heaven! All Your Treasures! ! !
Grace and His Mercy, He's given,
Choose Jesus! {Longer Life}to be Liven!
Jesus is Our Savior! He Came to Save Us All
God Made a way! For Someday we'll be,
With Our Lord In Eternity! ! !
Accept Jesus! Today! {Follow Jesus Christ}

by Patricia Martin

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