ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Our School Systems

busing brought both blacks and whites
together in our schools
yet blacks lag far behind in all
but sports and breaking rules

white people think it is because
black people are inept
not true, the systems are to blame
that secret is well kept

our schools don't teach black's ancestors
ruled lands as kings and queens...
inventors, scholars, pioneers...
blacks did and said great things!

our children learn from history books
devoid of black folk’s deeds
aside from Martin Luther King
white men are all they see

the system's whitewashed lesson plans
do little to enhance
black self-esteem and self-respect
black kids don't have a chance

when our schools systems start to teach
black children of their past
statistics will begin to change
and whites will come in last

the white man's fear of having to
compete scholastically
has kept our school systems unfair
and blacks from being free

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a grand poem telling a truth which needs to be told and very often is not keep up the good work