Our Secrets

Poem By Kinyua Karanja

I think everybody would admit
Though not in public nor to anyone
Of few secrets things we commit
These things varies to each one
But deep down in our heart
We know and wish no one else
Will ever know or find.

Some happened in our youth
And some in daily bases
Or in some instance and cases
Some are weird and crazy
Others shocking and embarrassing
Some serious crime as felony
Others petty and misdemeanors
Like sins and misbehaviors.

So don't rush crucifying others
If their dark side is revealed
Your day may be around the corner
When everything will be loose
And your world falls apart.

Comments about Our Secrets

Our lives are even secrets to ourselves...great work
So nicely speculated and beautifully depicted. A best poem. Thanks for sharing.......10
weird and crazy! But, that is the muse of life with many secrets. Nice work.
good not to judge others and keep our own secrets! poem and picture are great!

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