Our Soldiers

Our soldiers are dying, their survivors are crying,
crying for lives that were lost,
they sit and they wonder, while the battles thunder,
is it all worth the cost? ,
so far from their home, they are not all alone,
for the prayers of our nation's with them,
as we pray for our fighting women and men,
we all pray to our god, no matter, his name,
and they all seem to end just the same,
'keep our troops safe, and the innocent too,
our savior we're depending on you',
we thought that we had em,
now they want to replace Saddam,
so his evil can live don't you see,
they all want his power, and hour by hour,
the killing seems endless too me,
with guys like Al-Sadr,
that are way down on the ladder,
they raise their weapons up over head,
they just keep inciting, but don't share the fighting,
afraid they might end up wounded or dead,
while, President Bush is waving and grinning,
as he travels all over the map,
the right wingers, all talking and spinning,
to make sure he don't get a bad rap,
and as I watch the news from the embedded crews,
not any spin do I hear,
like you and me, they say what they see,
they do it without show of fear.

written by Harry Bryant
4/7/04 1: 03: 07 PM �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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