Our Songs: 1

This is the land of song and dance
Where damsels have angelic voices
that cause you to hold with your hand
in amazement you lower lip in wow!

And dance moves smooth like butter
and wild like wildebeests

Young men have booming baritone
That in awe and marvel
cause you to hold onto your bosom
in which you feel their vibrating vibes

by Haidee Majola

Comments (2)

Smooth like butter! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us
WoW! ! ! ! You put music inside me while I was reading this and that was almost a miracle because I started out being a grumpy old bear because this site and my computer do not get along but you made my grumpy ole heart start singing along with my swaying body! Thank you! ! ! That's got to be worth a bouquet of 10's! ! !