Mahatma Gandhi 9 - Kastur - A Spirited Girl

Kastur did not go to school,
Had no formal education,
Yet, she was a brave girl
A spirited girl with a strong mind,
And a will of her own!
'She brooked no restrictions on her movement.
She made it a point to go out
whenever or wherever she liked! '
The more her husband restrained her actions
The more she took liberty.

Later on in life,
Gandhiji reflected:
'If I had the right to impose
Instructions on her,
Had she not also a similar right?
All this is clear to me today.
But at that time I had to make good
My authority as a husband! '
He clarifies that he wanted
To make his wife an ideal wife!

Gandhi's ambition to make Kastur
Live a pure life,
Learn what he had imbibed,
Identify her life and thought with his
Sometimes, resulted in bitter quarrels,
Followed by a refusal to speak to one another!
Kastur's thoughts, ideas, opinions
Or ambitions if any,
During these teenage years of marriage
Shall ever remain shrouded in mystery!

Kastur was a simple girl
Yet, independent by nature!
As a child, already married
As a teenager, already a mother,
Not an easy task
To meet the demands of a joint family;
Needed to develop extraordinary strength
And patience,
To brave the storm that was yet to be,
To live with a highly idealistic husband!

At the age of eighteen
Gandhiji left for England;
A long and healthy spell
Of separation from his wife;
Later, a call from South Africa
Took him away from his family,
Involved in serious issues,
When back in India
He had conquered his passions
To enjoy a celibate life!

As years passed and ripened,
Gandhiji had a firm objective,
A definite goal of freedom
Of Mother India!
Gandhiji found in Kasturba his perfect match,
She was not just a dutiful wife,
But a lady who staunchly stood by him,
Supported and shared,
Fighting for all his values,
That led to a meaningful life together.

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

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