Our Soul Is Kindly Rooted In God, In Endless Love.

We may not come
to the knowing
of our own soul
until we first
come to know God.

By the grace of the holy
and eternal One,
we shall know
that our soul is deeply
united with God
who is the maker
with whom it is one with.

God is the ground
in whom our soul stands.
Our soul is kindly rooted
in God, in endless love.

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yes very true we have to come first to God thank you Genovamaaa
Love of God is endless..nice poem
God is infinite and wonderful. Soul is kindly rooted in god, in endless Love... Nice poem sir
I read and enjoyed this poem very much but I'm not sure what you mean on the last line of the second verse where you've written: to whom it is oned perhaps this ought to be written as: to whom it is united or more likely as: to whom it is owned.
A very nicely penned spiritual poem showing how our soul is planted within us in the image and likeness of God. I like how the poet states that until we know God we cannot know our soul. Both are the same, both are one... Thought provoking and insightful! Thank you for sharing, Tony...